Ravenn Bang

My name is Ravenn (she/her). I have always been passionate about dogs. Long before my dog training journey started in 2016, my closest friends and family members have known me as a dog encylopedia. In 2016 I adopted Molly, my cocker-spaniel boxer mixy mix. She was a shy puppy when I brought her home from the shelter at 16 weeks. At the at time, I didn't know puppies that young could have any type of behavior problem.

Molly and I have been on a long journey to make her feel better about being out in the world.


Molly is a cocker-spaniel, boxer mixy mix according to her embark results. Her guesstimate birthday is 02/14/2016. I adopted her from a no-kill shelter in Phoenix, AZ at about 16 weeks of age. She came home covered in fleas, ticks and with a case of giardia (a parasite infection). She was afraid of everything at first. I had to carry her down three flights of stairs for each potty break the first few weeks. Somehow we survived potty-training and puppyhood. One of my neighbors told me about a group training class for shy dogs and a few months later when it opened up again we signed up. We had a lot of fun. I learned the skills I needed to help her be more confident in the world. After that we took basic obedience with the same trainer and then even tried Agility!

Molly still believes in stranger danger, but she has lived in an apartment complex her entire life and does really well despite the close proximity of other dogs and lots of people. Her hobbies include sunbathing and eating all the snacks.


Victoria Stillwell Academy, Dog Trainer Course (online)

Additional Educational Experiences:
Clicker Expo Live 2022 (January 28th - 30th 2022)